CITY TALKS – more than a sightseeing app!

CITY TALKS – more than a sightseeing app!

Get to places that only locals know about and learn about stories that we can not find in any tourist guide – this is how we want to explore new places. Sightseeing must be an adventure. A combination of walks and audio stories is an experience that provides emotions and at the same time teaches the history of a given city.

Thanks to our City Talks application, you can feel at home in a completely unknown place or rediscover the city which you live in since birth. Wandering through the streets, parks, squares with City Talks is not only getting to know the history of monuments, famous tourist points, but above all the houses, tenements, blocks in which ordinary people lived.

Because the city is people, they create its identity. Getting to know the fate of people you get to know the city. That is why during the creation of City Talks the stories about castles, monuments, and markets were as important as the so-called ordinary life with stories of pre-war workshops, marketplaces, taverns and similar places.

City Talks opens up a city for you, but it does not impose any direction of your sightseeing. You decide which way to go, what to see. We only give you ideas and accompany us in sightseeing. You can simply go ahead and listen to stories about the places you pass along the way. You can go for a walk in a given area or go for a themed walk, for example in the footsteps of the Jewish history of the city, traces of criminal or war history.

Rzeszów and Warsaw are the first cities in our application. We hope City Talks will be wandering all over Poland. Our stories are always be open, if you know an interesting story from your city Рshare it with us and add another point to our CityTalks map.

We invite you to a join the adventure. Go to City Talks and just listen to the city.

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